Health Tech


Averify’s analytic system channels claims data to evaluate healthcare purchasing strategies with a single variability measurement. Reducing variability saves money. As healthcare delivery systems change, identifying where variability in cost exists is vital to properly structuring healthcare network plans. The system roadmaps network efficiency decisions, unique to each employee population, for self-funded employers and their advisors.



Even inside a Managed Care healthcare program, costs and treatments are highly variable. After several years of research and "think tank" conversations, revMD has created an empowering software that enables dramatic reductions in healthcare costs. Utilizing real time physician based data, doctors are able to provide better outcomes while employers and employees benefit from lower costs. 

  • Grow investor interest.
  • Reach out to prospective physicians, employers, and patients.

Teledoc / past investment

Timely access to physicians is a challenge for tens of millions of Americans. Teladoc brings the doctor to the patient for phone based “cross-coverage” treatment of basic medical care services. The low cost consult allows care to be provided faster when an office visit is not practical. 


Edu Tech


An on line tutoring company serving schools in the U.S., Ed2Net has a track record of improving student test scores by over 20% in a ten week course using technology and certified teachers. Schools retain Ed2Net so that teachers can focus on the needs of all of their students, making sure those needing special attention get the precise help they need to excel. 

  • Launch a version of this software for students in developing East Africa countries.
  • Develop a distribution system that increases the rate of growth without using valuable cash resources to weather the sales cycle.


Knowledge and understanding go hand in hand at GeoWhiz. As an interactive digital media platform, GeoWhiz creates travel games to improve awareness of world geography and culture for kids worldwide between the ages of 9 and 13. Students learn about culture, philanthropy, and mutual respect as they "play" with students from other countries in a family-friendly and secure environment. 

  • Grow investor interest through a compelling story.
  • Reach out to prospective corporate and philanthropic sponsors