Our position

In the social enterprise work of Concero Global, we seek conditions for effective outcomes at early stages and then work toward efficiencies of scale once proven.  Our investments in people and businesses are intentional about solving a problem that contributes to a better life.  And in our view a better life begins with health, education and economic development.  This is the foundation of our investment and advisory portfolio.   

  • Health includes characteristics of wellbeing, such as nutrition and housing as well as physical and emotional health. 
  • Education is both formal and informal and includes experiential learning opportunities that allow productive habits to form. 
  • Economic development is the eco-system of money – how it creates jobs, raises hopes and realizes human capacity.   

Our experiential approach to human development has connected us to interesting activities all over the world, either in direct participation or in funding initiatives with the promise of healing the human condition.  


The Uwezo Institute Experiment

At the University level: An intense emersion educational experience tested between Ugandan and U.S. university students focused on mutual awareness of the needs of the poor in both countries and the ability of each group of students to contribute to the group thought on development linking in Ugandan entrepreneurs, US professors, US State Department leaders, even storytelling “Ja Ja’s” to expand awareness and appreciation for the gifts of both cultures with the goal to break down barriers caused by stereotypes of wealth, poverty and economic limitations.

At the high school level: A semester training program teaching the universal applicability of finance in a cross-cultural experience through video exchange and investment through Kiva.org micro-enterprise investments where US students made real loans and competed with students from Uganda who made their own selections.  This was further developed through exploring methodology and confronting bias in decision making.


St. Stephens Community Center

Charged with the responsibility to care for the health of the poor in an Old Delhi slum, St. Stephens Hospital quickly realized there was no way to meet the great need.  How much good would free pre-natal care do if the mother to be had nothing to eat.  The concept of wellbeing was launched over a generation ago and now includes a unique model of interdependent services that is focused on health, education and economic development. Pre-school programs to get children ready. Older students tutoring younger students for pay to allow them the luxury of staying in school.  Job training.  Elder care.  Micro-lending. Nutrition and training nutritionists who not only earn a living selling nutritional foods products made locally, but who use their customer exposure to provide early intervention on potentially severe medical conditions.


the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy

In the rural villages of Columbia, former FARC fighters are coming “home” to places that have more reason to reject them than to accept them.  Many times they come with money paid by the government to give up arms only to face rejection from the communities they persecuted who have suffered for a generation.  Healing begins through the common ground of traditional faith and grows toward assimilation.